Wellness Activities for Home Learning

Virtual Field Day is May 8th!


Field Day Flyer

Field Day Ideas


Our expectation is for families/students to have some ideas for daily physical activity and movement! 

Please click on the Strong for Life link for healthy tips and recommendations.

  • Fitnessgram: 4-5 Graders- Please be stretching, doing perfect push-ups, practicing curl ups, and running.  3 rd Graders, please practice your running. More tips and tricks will be sent out this week to keep you in shape for fitness testing.  Please stay tuned for more information.


  • Car and Driver:  P1 stands inside the hoop (they are the car), P2 stands outside hoop holding onto the hoop with their hands and directs the driver around the gym.  Teacher will check for understanding with pathways, levels, locomotor, non-locomotor movements.
  • Back to Back (People to People): The teacher will have students stand back to back, then call out different body parts.  Ex:  hand to hand, back to back, toe to toe.  When the teacher says, people to people they find a new partner and stand back to back.
    • True/False game:  Students will line up down the gray center line across from their partner.  One side of the gray line will be the false and the other side will be the truth.  The teacher will make a statement and the partners have to decide if it is true or false.  If they think it is false, they run to that side and the partner tries to tag them.  If they think it is true, they run to the other side and try not to get tagged by their partner.
    • Rock/Paper/Scissors
    • Duck, Duck, Goose
  • MIDLINE ACTIVIES High 5’s:  P1 will stand on the yellow line and P2 will stand across from them on the opposite yellow line.  They will meet in the middle to perform a skill that they teacher determines, then they will run back to their lines.  Each time they will build and sequence those skills
  • Mirror Matching Exercises-P1 will perform different movement activities (jumping jacks, pushups, curl ups, mountain climbers, etc.) and P2 must do the same thing as if they were looking in a mirror
  • JUMP CHALLENGE ~Player A challenges player B to a jump off.  Player A selects a jumping pattern and begins counting each jump.  Player B must copy the pattern before player A reaches “5”.  Both players continue the pattern.  First person to stop or get out of pattern loses.



  • A higher level would be for Partner B to repeat the pattern before A reaches “4”.Divide the jumping patterns into unilateral and cross lateral skills
  • Give a card with everyone's name on it.  Players must challenge everyone on the card
  • Best 2 out of 3 with the loser choosing the new pattern.
  • Use a Success/Try Again Game Format (split the playing area in half, winners go to one side to challenge someone new, losers to the other side).

  Unilateral     Cross lateral

side kicks              Carioca (grapevine)

straddle                twister

heel to toe            w w kick

toe to toe              can can

heel to heel           Continuous X

Scissors                X

  • http://jr.brainpop.com/health/bewell/exercise/ Search for four different lessons on Exercise, Heart, Muscles, and Bones lessons. Explore Health lessons that include videos, activities, and quizzes on a variety of health-related topics.


  • http://www.movetolearnms.org/how-do-i-do-it/  Move to Learn – Has 5 minute classroom movement videos that students can do at their desks with chairs pushed in.  An adult leads their classroom, so there are kids in a school setting doing the exercises/stretches, too.  The leader usually wears some silly glasses or hats to hook the kids in.  They are grouped by K-3 or 4-6.  I have previewed a couple of them and they are pretty good.  They even do a closure that calms the students back down to get them ready to work.


  • GoNoodle (www.gonoodle.com) is another resource the state of Georgia is pushing this year.  Again, it is FREE.  There are some academic tie ins with their episodes.


  • Adventure to Fitness (www.adventuretofitness.com) is another FREE web based program that leads the students through a variety of active scenarios.  The bonus is that the scenes tie directly to the Core Curriculum.  You have to register, but it is free.  They also have shorter episodes this year so it can be used in shorter bursts during the day.


  • THE MATRIX:   Make a circle and every person has a jump rope folded in half. The student with the rope holds the handle ends of the rope in one hand. The person      BESIDE you holds the LOOP end of the rope. This creates a “circle” of ropes. Number off each member of the group 1,2,3, etc. #1 starts by stepping over or under a group member’s rope. #2 is next followed by 3, 4, 5, etc. After each member has had an opportunity to tangle up the group, take turns in reverse order trying to untangle the mess! (start over if someone lets go of the rope)
  • HIGH JUMPINGEach student gets one jump to place the tape as high as possible on the wall. Students stand with their side to the wall with a rolled piece of tape in their fingertips. When ready, he or she swings the arms and jumps straight up as high as possible and places the tape on the wall. NO RUNNING OR LEAPING UP. This is a standing jump. Highest tape wins!

Partner Brain Breaks

Compilation Brain Breaks


  • Family Fun Fitness Grid (Dice)- The family can do fitness together-all you need is 2 dice.  The 1st person will roll the dice and whatever the 2 dice say (ex. 1 and 5)-you would do the exercise for that.  The first dice will be the number on the horizontal line and the 2nd dice will be for the vertical line.  So, if the 1st dice was a 1 and the 2nd dice was 5, the exercise the family would do is 24-line jump and jog around the house 1 time.
  • Push-ups & curl ups- Roll the dice and add the sum of the 2 numbers together to complete the exercise.

Fitness Grid








Jog 1 lap

Do 8 Crunches

Do 6 Standing Long Jumps

Do 5 Push-ups & 5 Crunches

Do 24-line Jumps & Jog      1 Lap

Do 5 Vertical Jumps &          Skip 2 laps


Do 5 Push-ups & 5 Crunches

Skip 1 Lap

Hop on 1 foot 22 times

Do 20 Heel Lifts & 9 Curl-ups

Do 8 Leg Curls on each leg

Crabwalk across the gym


Do 19 Jumping Jacks

Do 7               Push-ups

Do 24 Stride Jumps

 Do 7 Squats & Skip 2 Laps

Do 9 Side        Leg Lifts on      each leg

Do 16 Line Jumps & Gallop 1 Lap


Do 8 Jumping Jacks & Jog 1 Lap

Do 9 Squats

Skip 2 Laps

Hop on 1 foot 12 times & Skip 1 Lap

Gallop                   1 Lap

Jog                             4 Laps


Do 7 Vertical Jumps

Do 5 Squats & Skip 1 Lap

Skip 1 Lap & do 11 Crunches

Crabwalk across the room

Do 7 Push-ups, 6 Crunches & Jog 1 lap

Do 6 Squats & 14 Heel Lifts


Do 18                      Heel Lifts

Do 5 Vertical Jumps &               11 Curl-ups

Jog 4 Laps

Do 16 Stride Jumps & 9 Heel Lifts


Do 15 Jump Jacks & Jog 2 Laps

Do 30 Straddle Jumps


Various Line Dances

Uptown Funk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohqYQG-TIas

Old Town Road https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0Xn4kd8xqY

Best Time Ever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W59jPBFMOyI

How Long https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GE0HdSGHRk

Whoomp There It Is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgPtJ0pTutc

Git Up  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s_r8kSrO-0

Cupid Shuffle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfzRP6V5rE4

Tooty Ta  https://youtu.be/ea4TVg0_8Dk